GDPR: Who Owns Your Data?

I attended a conference by the Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) last October. In one of the presentations, Gerald Hopkins talked about GDPR. It was the first time I had ever heard of it, and Gerald basically told us that if we were doing business in Europe and hadn’t started working on GDPR we should be... Continue Reading →

Hilarious Real Life Graphs

If you haven't run across Matt Shirley yet, stop and take a look! His daily, hand-drawn graphs are brilliantly simple. They distill emotionally ambiguous situations like the Sunday blues into minimal charts that everyone instantly "gets."   Sibling relationships become a Ven diagram,   and the life cycle of socks a scatter plot...of sorts!  ... Continue Reading →

Waterlogged Data

It's humorous to me that when talking about data, somehow we end up referencing water. Whether it's data flow, data lakes, waterfall (not really data but had to throw it in). As a Pisces and a data lover, I'm rather down with this water concept. But with all these terms out there, I thought it... Continue Reading →

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