Does Your Title Reflect Your Position in Data Warehouse Development?

I’ve been working in the realm of data for a long time. During that time, companies have evolved titles and job descriptions. Sometimes those titles can be confusing, however. For the longest time, I was called a Data Warehouse Analyst, but I was actually doing more hands-on development than analyzing. That sometimes became problematic when... Continue Reading →

Interview with Dave Doyle, City of Seattle’s former Open Data Manager

City governments have accumulated enormous amounts of data, and up until the last decade, accessing it was a challenge, even for those working in city governments. With more information going digital, many cities now share datasets publicly. The potential civic benefits are huge: greater government transparency and trust, better-informed decision-making, large-scale efficiencies, and more.  Seattle... Continue Reading →

We’ve come a long way and …

My 16 year old daughter recently participated in the Western Aerospace Scholars (WAS) sophomore program. She spent 3 days researching, learning and designing a rover for a robotic mission to Mars. What fun! I was curious about the demographics of her co-participants, specifically, how many other young ladies were participating in the program. Reason for my curiosity;... Continue Reading →

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