About Datagami


About Us:

Our Mission:

Datagami is, at its heart, all about data. We aim to:

  • Promote data-driven decision making for positive change
  • Introduce and highlight role models for different voices and backgrounds
  • Discuss interesting data applications and their potential influence for good
  • Encourage young people to have an interest in data
  • Provide a data and analytics community gathering place

Would you like to help us out?

We would love your help! If you have an idea for an article, know someone who is doing cool stuff with data, or want to contribute an article for Datagami yourself then please contact us at contact@datagami.blog.

You can also follow us or share the site with your network to help us get the word out. You can follow the blog on WordPress by clicking on any of our blog entries and looking for the follow us option at the bottom of the page. Our follow us on social media:

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