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About Us:

Our Mission:

Datagami is, at its heart, all about data. We aim to:

  • Promote data-driven decision making for positive change
  • Introduce and highlight role models for different voices and backgrounds
  • Discuss interesting data applications and their potential influence for good
  • Encourage young people to have an interest in data
  • Provide a data and analytics community gathering place

Would you like to help us out?

We would love your help! If you have an idea for an article, know someone who is doing cool stuff with data, or want to contribute an article for Datagami yourself then please contact us at contact@datagami.blog.

You can also follow us or share the site with your network to help us get the word out. You can follow the blog on WordPress by clicking on any of our blog entries and looking for the follow us option at the bottom of the page. Our follow us on social media:

A Note from Ashley on How We Came Together:

What to do in dark times?

How does one keep hope alive when bad news abounds, and disasters seem to take another turn for the worse on a daily basis? What is a viable strategy to stay sane amidst all of this?

I admit it is quite tempting to throw up my arms and give up. After all, what can one person do? It’s also easy to become numb or jaded or fatalistic. The emotional roller coaster is exhausting, and it’s much easier to check out mentally altogether.

But I can’t.

The darkness doesn’t go away just because I stop paying attention. I need to rebel and push back. The world would be a little brighter if I insist on holding up a light, and maybe that’s enough. But how?

I thought maybe a Podcast would help.

The idea has been percolating for awhile – Many people are doing great work with data: Using analytics to find the most effective way to distribute malaria vaccine or to reach at-risk youth – such important work! I want to create a platform where these projects are highlighted to bring more attention and resources to them. I want to connect people doing great work with one another as potential collaborators. I want bright mind and visionary heart to solve problems together. Most of all, I want young people to become aware of the many ways that they can use data to make the world a better place and therefore, they do.

That seems a tall order with many dimensions. Who can I reach out to help bring this to reality? Who else might share the same vision?

Wendy and Kristin came to mind. I had met them through the University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education Business Intelligence certificate program. Wendy was the instructor, and Kristin was the teaching assistant. We had stayed in touch.

I’ve always admired Wendy for her ability to effortlessly bring people together. Her warmth puts others at ease, and her inquisitiveness and curiosity invite them into a rich conversation no matter the topic or where they are.

If knowledge were a galaxy where the rest of us see only random stars, Kristin has an amazing way to connect the seemingly unrelated dots to identify the constellation in the sky. Her unparalleled research skill substantiates, affirms, and expands any initial idea.

So on a sunny Friday we convened for lunch in a Mexican restaurant in Seattle (Wendy got there by Uber from Expedia in Bellevue, Kristin drove from her work in Benaroya hall, I took the rail from SeaTac from a business trip), we talked and agreed that this was a worthwhile pursuit.

None of us knew how to pull it off. But we knew we could figure it out together.

Lucky for us, Shanon was intrigued by the project when Wendy mentioned it to her, and she decided to join us to make this happen. Her super power are organization, action and a passion for data. She possesses a clear true north and keeps the group focused and moving forward even as we discuss various concepts and logistics.

Together, the four of us have close to 50 years of experience in business analytics – and we want to contribute our skills and experience to elevate others and promote the good work that’s done and that’s still ongoing using data.

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