Ashley Kim

IMG_3130I am Ashley Kim, and I lead Business Analytics transformation.

My careers cover design/architecture, education, and business analytics. What seems to others drastic career changes are natural outward expression of who I am and what I care about.

Who I am – I am an idealist with a practical bend and inclination to action. (Also a nerd & introvert, but that’s another point.)

What I care about – Making the world a better place than the way I found it, whether it’s through architecture, teaching, or analytics.

In education, I’ve discovered that by applying data analytics to testing data, it helped teachers to coordinate to strengthen their students, the principal to make hiring decisions, and the business manager to allocate budget. I loved helping my team make smart decisions to make the education experience better for the students while delivering better results. I was hooked! What better way to empower educators to best serve the leaners!

In my current role, I help business run smarter by integrating analytics in their process to make improvement. It is enormously satisfying to me to help fabulous, brilliant, hardworking people leverage data-driven insight to do their best work.

I want to see analytics be used for the greater good, and I want to see more people getting involved in this effort. It can be done. We can get to solutions quicker if we band together.

Hence this project. I hope you will join us, and that you will tell other people about us. World changers, unite!

In my spare time, I do house chores and try to take a nap while the dryer is running. I’m happiest by a camp fire, or reading with a fresh of cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.

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