I’ve been working in the field of data for about 30 years, starting with developing Executive Information Systems (also known as Decision Support Systems). I moved on from developing front-end reporting tools to Data Modeling and Data Transformations, which proved to be my main love of the data field. I’m currently a Sr. Consultant with the Plaster Group.

I’m a New Jersey native, now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband, two cats and two dogs. 

I came to the data field in a back-end way. When I started there weren’t formal college courses about data. They were more geared to Computer Science and Programming. I learned a great deal from vendors of the tools of the trade.

Today, there’s been an explosion of data all around us and data has become a critical intellectual property for most companies. I’m interested in leveraging data about the world around us to improve the general quality of life and protect our planet, its flora and fauna and its finite resources.

When I’m not working on data projects, I’m knitting, crocheting or binging too many Netflix and Prime shows.