Shanon Bailey

IMG_20151109_200307Hi! I’m a northwest native who loves banana slugs and has done 20 push-ups in the crater of Mt. Rainier; married my high school sweetheart; mom of 2 teenagers, 2 mischievous Basenjis and a fluffy princess cat.

I currently work as a business intelligence developer. My favorite part of my job is modeling and querying new data sources. I have a day job and a side consulting job that keeps me out of trouble. My data journey officially began in college. It was Spring quarter of my senior year when I took my very first Access 2.0 class at the University of Washington. (And yes, I just gave away my age. Note that I have never programmed in punch cards.) From that moment on, I started to see the world in data models and I was hooked.

Data represents an opportunity to make informed decisions. Data helps us make continuous improvements to processes. Data allows us to learn and adjust. Heck, my favorite character on Star Trek is Data. And there is SO much data available to us. Structuring and organizing data is like playing with a huge puzzle and I do love my puzzles. So many ways to model and mold data. Join me and the rest of the gang as we talk all things data!

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