Wendy Gilbert


I stumbled into a data role on accident after I graduated from college – I’d like to say that I planned it but no, I took the first computer science job I was offered, and it just happened to be data. But I’ve never looked back, and I’ve been working in data and analytics for over 15 years now in one capacity or another – as a product manager, developer, analyst, architect, program manager, project manager, consultant and director.

I’m an Army Brat, a Texan at heart, and a Seattle-ite on and off since 2001. I have a crazy addiction to travel (I went to Antarctica in December 2019!) and a serious affection for road-trips to just about anywhere. I’m pretty active in the data community, I do a bit of blogging (surprise) and drink a bit of whiskey and lately sometimes binge-watch too many TV shows.

Data is an amazing field because there is something for everyone – from the back end where everything is orderly in tables and rows or files and structures, to the front end where the artists and designers step in to build dashboards and weave stories. I love the problem solving, the insights and discoveries and the many ‘aha’ moments.  Data is everywhere these days, and it is beautiful.

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